Begpacker seen on Sukhumvit Road funding his travels by selling bracelets

A self-confessed ‘begpacker’ revealed how he travels the world by selling bracelets on the roadside. 

The young man named Asil, 30, was seen yesterday (Jan 26) on the busy Sukhumvit Road, in Bangkok, Thailand. 

He had a selection of cheap handmade bangles and necklaces laid out on the ground outside the five-star Hyatt Regency hotel.

Asil said he started travelling two months ago and had funded the daily costs for ”hostels and food” by selling the trinkets to locals and tourists in Malaysia and Vietnam.

But Asil, also a smoker who needs extra sales to fund that habit, admitted that he has to dodge immigration officials because working without the correct permits or visas is illegal.

He said: ”I sell bracelets, necklaces, travelling every place. Working like this is a problem.”

Asil said there are no fixed prices for his wares but accepts any money that people offer. Hower, he refused 20 baht (50pence) for one item and said most people pay around 100 baht (2.50GBP).

The begpacker said he shifts ”at least ten a day” and sometimes receives donations from well-wishers who want to help him.

He added: ”It’s only for hostels and food. It’s enough for me.”

Asil admitted what he was doing was ”begpacking” and confessed that Thailand was proving a much more difficult territory that other countries. 

He added: ”I’ve been to Malaysia and Vietnam already and there weren’t any problems. Here’s a lot harder. Immigration is very difficult, if they catch me I will be deported. But the police see me and they don’t mind.”

Asil spent all afternoon on the busy road in downtown Bangkok. He said his next destination is Manila in the Philippines. 

The controversial ”begpacking” trend has emerged in recent years. It sees young people, often from developed countries, travel to third-world and developing countries that are popular bagpacking destinations where they fund their holidays by begging, busking or selling items on the street.

However, earning money in most countries, including the UK, without the correct visa or work permits is a serious offence that risks fines and deportation.

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