World’s Most Flexible Cheat Climbs Inside Toy Grabber Game

The world’s most flexible cheat was caught on CCTV climbing inside a claw grabber game – to steal a cuddly toy.

Security cameras picked up the man approaching the neon-lit arcade game outside a shop in in Xinzhuang District, Taiwan at 3am on December 4.

He crawled through the tiny opening at the bottom, before reaching up and getting his whole torso inside the glass compartment.

The thief then grabbed two of the biggest prizes with his hands and wriggled back out of the crane machine, which costs 10 Taiwanese dollars (25p) a time.

After watching back footage of the theft the next day, shop attendant Shi Chengyu said: ”This thief has such flexible bones. His skill is very impressive, but we still have to report him to the police.

”He only needs to pay a small amount to play the game, just 10 Taiwan dollars. The whole idea is to play and have fun. It’s no fun if you have to cheat by climbing inside.”

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