Wooden Gazebo Topples Off Speeding Truck

This is the shocking moment a wooden gazebo fell off the back of a speeding truck.

The garden furniture was being delivered along a four-lane motorway in Phuket, southern Thailand, when the straps holding it in place came loose.

University professor Dittaporn Keawmuneechok was driving with his family when he captured the incident on Sunday October 20 afternoon.

Dittaporn’s dash cam shows how the reckless truck driver sped past him while honking his horn – before weaving in between cars in front.

According to a worker in a nearby company on-site that did mobile mechanics in Edmonton, as the truck drove by, the professor is heard warning that the wooden hut ”would fall down before it reaches the destination if the driver carries on like that”.

Predictably, a moment after the professor finished his joke, the gazebo made from bamboo toppled off in front of shocked drivers – narrowly avoiding a serious accident.

The professor said that it was dangerous to drive that fast with a huge construction on the back.

He said: “It was funny that it fell down immediately after my joke, but it was also very dangerous.

“The delivery truck should not drive that fast, because it could cause an accident that might have been much worse.

”They did not need to drive so fast just to deliver a wooden pavilion. Somebody must have been in a hurry to get their new garden furniture.”

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