Woman Stops Taxi At Asoke To PEE Outside

A woman was so desperate for the loo she stopped the taxi in the middle of traffic and stretched one leg out of the door to urinate – on the road.

The young female was travelling in the yellow cab when she pleaded for it to stop in a row of waiting cars at the bustling Asoke Junction in Bangkok, Thailand.

She then pushed open the door and planted one foot on the road and the other on the car before hitching up her dress and peeing on the ground. A large puddle could be seen on the tarmac below the reveller, who has not been identified.

Shocked motorists began sounding their horns when they noticed the bizarre toilet break just before midnight last Wednesday October 24 evening.

The area was on Sukhumvit Road, the main row of bars and clubs in the Thai Capital, leading some to believe that the woman had had too much to drink.

Tuk-tuk passenger Faisal Abboudi who recorded the scene said it was ”very strange”.

He said: ”I’ve never seen this happen before, she must have been very desperate to go.”

It’s not clear if the woman in the video is a Thai local or a tourist. But she was criticised for urinating in public by people who saw the clip online.

Fah Thida said: ”This is so embarrassing, how is she not ashamed to do this in public? The other drivers can see her private parts.”

Noi Kasemboon added: ”I am a woman and I could never do this, it doesn’t matter how much I needed the toilet. I would find a way to wait.”

Fon Monthian, who works at a nearby bar, said: ”She is wearing a small dress so I think she must have been partying and been too drunk. Maybe if she knew somebody would record her she would not have done it.”

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