Woman Starts Fight With Man Waiting For King’s Bank Notes

This is the moment a furious woman and a man start fighting while queuing for commemorative bank notes of Thailand’s late King.

The woman in shorts and flip flops was waiting in line for the special notes of cash at a bank in Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday.

But she ”flipped” when the man is said to have pushed in front of her in the busy queue of dozens of people – fearing that the collectible money could run out.

Video recorded by a shocked onlooker shows the petite woman launch square up to the man and push him in the chest – before he hits back and they trade blows.

She launches a karate kick at his mid-riff before she’s dragged away – but several other people get involved and start pushing and shoving.

Stunned passerby Nong Noi said: ”Everybody wants to remember the king and get the special bank notes, but these two people took it a bit too far.

”They were queuing up like everybody else then started arguing. The woman made the first move, pushed the man and he fought back.”

Thailand’s people are still grieving for late King Bhumibol who died on October 13 aged 88.

The government has made dozens of special commemorative items available including bank notes, music boxes and trinkets.

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