Woman Stabbed In Neck With Kebab Stick

Shocking footage shows a woman sitting calmly on the pavement after she was stabbed in the back of the neck with a barbecue skewer.

Diana Cabalo, 30, was on her way to work last Saturday morning when the attacker pounced on her in Quezon City, Philippines.

The man plunged an 18-inch long kebab stick into Diana’s nape – but she didn’t feel anything until onlookers told her.

She turned round to see the grinning man standing behind her – before passers-by grabbed the attacker.

Police arrived and handcuffed the man to railings while Diana sat calmly on a chair waiting to be taken to hospital.

She said: ”I didn’t even know that someone was behind me. I felt something at the back of my head, but I didn’t know that he already stabbed me.

”I was not in pain. I only noticed the barbecue stick when people told me and I looked on my camera phone.”

The skewer had penetrated some two to three inches into Diana’s neck but had miraculously missed the vital arteries.

A hair’s breadth either side and she could have been killed.

Diana said: ”I’m just happy to be alive and I hope that this man is taken off the streets so that he cannot do this to other people.”

According to the doctors who treated Diana, no serious injury was caused by the stabbing.

Dr. Joseph Florentino, General Surgeon in Fe Del Mundo Medical Center said: ”The nerves were not affected, and the stick only hit the muscles which was lucky.

Police said the suspect is currently in custody. They believe he is homeless and he will have psychological tests before charges are prepared.

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