Woman Screams When Lizard Is Knocked From Ceiling

This is a hilarious moment a women screams in fright as her younger nephew knocks a large lizard from the ceiling.

Piyaporn Wisitpong, 31, work up and spotted the largo gecko in the room at the family home in Roi Et, Thailand, yesterday morning at 6am.

She called in her nephew Tun, 18, who used a large bamboo duster to try and scare it away – but it dropped to the ground.

Piyaporn, who was filming the clip, screamed and ran away as her four terrified pet cats – who are supposed to catch rodents – also ran for cover.

She said: ‘’There was a gecko in our house at 6am and me and my nephew tried to chase it away. I had my phone and made the video clip.

‘’We thought the cats would help us but they were afraid, too. I don’t like lizards and when this happened I was scared. They give me the creeps.’’

Piyaporn’s nephew Tun added: ‘’It happened in the morning and my aunty didn’t want the gecko in the house so we waited for the cats to get it, but they didn’t. I had to knock it down with the stick.

‘’People found it very funny that the cats ran away too. Normally cats should catch rodents but these are scared.’’

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