Woman Makes Liquor From Snakes In Vietnam

This is the gruesome moment an woman squatting on the roadside makes a cocktail of snakes, birds and lizards.

The composed old lady was recorded calmly pulling the live reptiles from a sack to make the liquor in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

She holds them by the head before slicing open their stomach with a razorblade to remove the guts then draining the blood into a cup.

Still alive, they’re crammed into a plastic tub – before the woman in a yellow hat adds a dead crow and several geckos.

The stomach-churning footage was filmed in Vietnam where many residents believe the ‘’animal liquor’’ has powerful health benefits and can cure various illnesses.

Doan Ngo, who recorded it, said: ‘’The animals in the jar are for making liquor which we call ‘animal liquor’.

”They will be put in a bottle full of white Vietnamese liquor for a period of time.

”People in Vietnam believe that kind of liquor is very good for health. We use almost every animal to make liquor, snake, lizards, birds, goats, bears. Anything we can.’’

Animal liquor has been popular in Vietnam for hundreds of years but the practice is beginning to decrease amidst pressure from western animal welfare groups.

Animals Asia, which campaigns against the ‘’barbaric’’ practice, said more public awareness was needed about the trade in snakes for human consumption.

A spokesman said: ”Snakes are sentient animals with the ability to feel pain and the capacity to suffer.

”Killing snakes without prior stunning is inhumane and causes the snake significant pain and suffering prior to death.

”The consumption of snake carries with it a high risk to human health. All reptiles carry salmonella and this can be contracted by ingesting raw snake body parts.’’

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