Woman Filmed With SPY PEN In Fitting Rooms

A shopper was horrified after she allegedly found a camera hidden inside a fountain pen in the female fitting rooms – before being ”attacked” by a male assistant who snatched it back.

Doreen Ahdo, 25, said she was visiting the sports store in Johor, Singapore, when she went to try on some garments on August 4.

But she claims that after taking off her clothes she noticed the spy pen being place on the edge of the door.

Doreen said she stood on a stall and grabbed the pen – which was ”warm – before she realised it was a secret camera device. She ran out of the shop but was approached by a young man who ”pushed her to the floor” causing bruises on her legs and arms.

Doreen said: ”I was so furious and angry so I quickly got dressed, took some pictures of the ‘pen’ and got out from the shop immediately wanting to make a police report.


”I never ever thought that this kind of sexual-related issue that I always see on social media would happen to me.

”I would like to remind everyone that this can happen to just anyone, anytime at any place.”

Doreen said that after walking out of the shop with then pen, a male assistant approached her and tried to retrieve it.

She claims that the man ”begged” her not to go to the police and that his ”career would be finished”.

Doreen added: ”The moment I got out from the shop, the only ‘shop attendant’ in the shop at that time was running towards me. He begged me not to make police report and said he was remorseful.

”He kept begging me and said that his career will be ruined if I made police report. I refused so he got angry and wanted to snatch the ‘pen’ from my pocket.

”We got into a scuffle and he pushed me to the floor, inflicting bruises on me and managed to snatch the ‘pen’ away and ran off. It happened so fast that I really didn’t have much time to react. I went on to make police report and he was caught. But he is still a free man now, perhaps walking on the same road as you or having dinner just beside you.”

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