Woman Filmed Drowning Dog On Jomtien Beach

Still no sign of the woman who was filmed drowning a dog or an explanation of why she did it.

Footage shows the fully clothed middle-aged woman wading in waist-high water on Jomtien beach in Pattaya.

She appears to be holding a dog in her arms while a second woman stands around 10 metres away watching the incident.

Onlookers said the woman left the water after 10 minutes before checking the dog and going back inside for another 20 minutes.

She finally emerged carrying the motionless dog in a white blanket and was pictured walking away on the beach at 10am on Sunday morning.

Ganya Charoen, 60, who rents sun beds on the popular Jomtien beach, said: ‘’It was quiet because there was big rain and winds and it was early in the morning.

”There were two foreign tourists that looked like a woman and a younger one.

‘’They were dressed in normal clothes and the woman stood in the water for ten minutes. She came out then went back into the ocean for 20 minutes.

‘’The woman walked out and was holding the dog. It was dead and she was cuddling it. Nobody knows why she did it, if the dog was sick, or she did not want to take it home with her.”

Street food seller Ong Jirawat, 44, added: ‘’We feed the stray dogs a little bit of food every day. This is shocking, I cannot understand why somebody could do such a thing.

‘’The can let it die a natural death if it is in pain or take to the vets or doctors.”

Police said they were aware of the video and were now investigating the circumstances around it.

Lt. Col. Sombat Kaewmuang from Pattaya City Police station said: ‘’We’re looking for the woman so we can speak to her and ask her what happened.

‘’The video has been shown to police and we are investigating. We need all of the evidence.’’

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