Woman Catches Man Doing Poo In Plant Pots

A housewife said she felt ”sick” after finding human faeces outside her house – then checking CCTV to see a man going to the toilet in her plant pots.

Ting Chang discovered the disgusting mess next to her garden in Taichung, Taiwan, on October 10.

She checked her home cameras and shuddered when she saw the unwelcome visitor squatting next to her vehicle. The man even had tissues with him to clean up afterwards after the incident at 5:20am in the morning.

Furious Ting said: ”How can this kind of person exist? He actually pooped in my plant pots. I’m so angry, I hope somebody can identify him.

”I understand if it is an emergency, if he was in a rush, I can sympathise with him. But there is a public toilet 15 seconds away from my house. Why didn’t he go there?

”It’s possible that the toilet was broken, but even in that situation, he should have returned to clean away the mess he left. I felt sick when I saw it in the morning.”

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