Woman, 56, Blinded After Using Betel Juice As Eye Drops

A woman has been blinded after a herbal shop sold her betel nut juice to use as EYE DROPS to treat her cataracts.

Kamnang Suwanna, 56, visited the alternative medicine store to find a remedy for her aching joints tow months ago in Khon Kaen province.

She bought the solution – made from areca nut – but the assistant noticed her cataracts and also recommended that she buy another bottle for putting the liquid in her eye.

Kamnang declined – but after drinking the betel nut juice for a month and noticing an improvement in her mobility she decided to return to the ‘King’s Herbs” shop and buy more to try in her eyes.

The grandmother took out her silicone contact lenses and squirted the drink into her right eye six times over the course of three weeks – each time complaining of a burning sensation – before finally giving up on the sixth day and visiting doctors.

Horrified medics at Khon Kaen Hospital found that the eye had become infected and removed the eyeball to prevent the infection from spreading to the brain.

Kamnang has now been left permanently blind in her left eye and contacted the media to warn others against using bizarre treatments in their eyes.

Speaking last Thursday, she said: ”When I went to the shop the man there said the juice would be good for my eyes. I said I should buy some more. At first I didn’t believe him and went away.

”The solution was very good for my body when I drank it so I decided to try it in my eye. I used it every three days, six times in total. My eye was red and it hurt.

”I want the shop to help me with the medical costs because they were the people who recommended I do this.”

Kamnang said she has also reported the incident to the local police to check the product but she said they dismissed her complaint and declined to investigate.

The owner of the King’s Herbs store told local media that ”the damage to her eye was her own responsibility” but agreed to help the lady with her treatment costs.

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