Woman, 38, Found Dead After Tryst At Love Motel

A young woman was found dead the morning after a booze-fuelled secret romp with her toy boy at love motel.

The middle-aged secretary Sunisa Khumkaew, 38, arrived with man, 30, to spend the evening together at the seedy venue in Nonthaburi, central Thailand on Tuesday July 23.

Her boyfriend, identified by police only with his first name, Eak, said that they were drinking bottles of beer for three or four hours before having ”drunken sex and falling asleep”.

He woke up the next morning and found Sunisa was lying next to him in the bed and was topless but she was not breathing.

Police from the Bang Srimuang subdistrict arrived after his call and started investigating the body, which was only covered with a towel.

Lieutenant Colonel Anon Praengam, the inspector of the police station, said: ”We can’t immediately say what caused her death since we found no bruises or any sign of struggles on her body.

”It could be linked to the drunken sex that she had the evening before with the man or it could be connected to a health condition. We don’t believe there was foul play involved.”

The body of the officer worker was sent to hospital for a post-mortem examination to find the cause of death.

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