Wild rat has stand-off with family’s pet cat after wandering into their front yard

A wild rat had an epic stand-off with a family’s pet cat after it wandered into their front yard.

Nong Mikun, 14, heard her pet feline, named Taohoo, hissing at something outside the house in Ang Thong, central Thailand on Monday afternoon.

She thought the cat might be fighting with his brother, Taojiew, but when she went to separate them she saw Taohoo was playing with a bandicoot rat.

Footage shows the cat chasing the rodent across the tile – but it was afraid to strike as the rat appeared to be ready to fight back.

The rat was followed around the yard but after leaping at the kitty, managed to scurry away to safety after a tense stand-off lasting more than ten minutes.

Nong Mikun said: “I came out and thought that my cats were fighting but I saw he has fascinated by the rat.

“I took my phone out and filmed the incident as I found it was quite amusing. The rat was not as afraid of the cat as I thought it would be.”

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