Wife Stabs Husband In Neck With Scissors

A possessive wife was arrested after stabbing her husband in the neck with a pair of SCISSORS because he wanted go out drinking with a pal – instead of staying at home with her.

Supaporn Muengchalerm, 35, was chatting with husband Wichit Laoruen, 31, when he received a message from a friend inviting him to the local bar on Monday night.

He was about to leave but Supaporn grabbed him to to stop him and they started arguing – before he allegedly kicked her.

The wife sits next to her husband after she stabbed him in the neck with scissors

The wife sits next to her husband after she stabbed him in the neck with scissors

She told police that she fought back and stabbed him in the neck with a pair of seven-inch long scissors sending blood spraying over the floor of their home in Amphur Sriracha, Chonburi province, Thailand.

Video from local reporter Teerarak Suttatiwong shows Supaporn break down in tears over her wounded husband as blood pours from his body onto the white tiles.

Speaking in her native language, she said: ‘’I didn’t want him to go to drink with his friend. We started arguing a lot. I wanted him to stay at home with me.

”I got angry and took the scissors and hit him in the neck with them. I didn’t want to stab him in the neck but he was kicking me many times.

‘’I’m hoping he is safe because after all we are still husband and wife. If I didn’t love him I wouldn’t have ran after him as I knew he was too drunk to ride a motorbike to see his friend.”

Wichit was strapped to a stretcher and rushed to hospital while Supaporn was arrested and held for questioning as police investigate the domestic case.

The Sawang Prateep Sriracha rescue foundation said they received a report from neighbours that the couple were fighting and the man was injured.

A spokesman said: ‘’We arrived first and reported this to the police. We had a report of somebody who was injured after fighting.

‘’We did our best to help him retain consciousness and he was taken by ambulance to hospital where he is in a stable condition.”

Officers from Amphur Sriracha police station said they arrived and found the husband on the ground after the woman had stabbed him.

A spokesman said: ‘’The wife has been arrested and we are investigating what happened. She shouted for help from the next door neighbour. The neighbour said that she stabbed him in the neck.

‘’We were called and arrived a short time later. We still need to speak with all the witnesses and to the husband when he feels better.’’

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