Wheelchair Uses Pushes Badly Parked Car With His Head

A disabled man in a wheelchair had to push away a car with his HEAD after it was blocking his parking spot.

The man returned to his vehicle which was parked in the blue bay in Bangkok last Thursday.

But he was unable to leave because the silver Toyota Atlantis was double-parked, carelessly blocking his car in.

The disabled man had to try and push the car – which had its handbrake off – away with his head while turning the wheels of his chair.

Many drivers in Thailand leave their handbrakes off so their vehicles can be easily shoved away in congested car parks.

Footage shows how a Good Samaritan, named Rong, came to help the wheelchair-bound driver as his wife, Dao, filmed the incident.

The wife Dao, who was also a regular customer, said that she had seen many careless drivers who double parked their cars at the spaces that specially designated for people with disabilities.

She said there were also no security guards or customers nearby offering to help him.

Dao added: ”Those drivers always thought that they wouldn’t be gone for long, so they parked their cars there because it is near the mall entrance. They did not care that the disabled people were not able to push their cars away.”

The husband, Rong, said: ”I had no idea how long he had been struggling to push the car but I could only say that he did not deserve this kind of treatment all.”

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