Water Turns Green On Jomtien Beach In Pattaya

This is the stomach churning moment the water on a popular tourist beach turned GREEN.

Visitors were stunned when the ocean at Jomtien beach in Pattaya, Chonburi Thailand, turned dark green yesterday August 6.

Officials banned anyone from swimming and closed off the area while they investigated the suspected algal bloom.

They said that warm weather and heavy rain could have caused the sudden growth in sea plankton.

The local businesswoman Sirilak Sripiris, 55, said: “This phenomenon happens all the time when there’s a big storm.

“Luckily, tourists seem to understand the problem. While they cannot enter the water they can still enjoy sitting by the beach.”

Government officials said the entire stretch of beach was affected and they blamed a recent storm for the sudden algal bloom.

They said the green growths would be washed away within a few days and the color will be return to normal.

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