Walking Around Ratchada Massage Clubs

The first rule of massage club, is don’t talk about massage club.

Looks like we just broke that rule. We captured this picture of a taxi pulling into the rear car park of the Lord Hotel and Spa.

It’s all about discretion, you see. This knocking shop is all about luxury and privacy. The large undercover car park and back door mean clientele can visit without ever being seen.

It’s amazing the things you see just ambling round Bangkok. I spent an afternoon trawling round the streets in this part of the city taking pictures of some of the impressive multi-storey massage parlours – and any other interesting sights.

One establishment worth a visit, or at least a nose around inside the lobby, is the Lord Hotel And Spa. As can be seen from the pictures below, the Lord is one of the most extravagant massage parlours around. Large white pillars on the outside, brass door handles, marble floors, oil paintings on the ceiling, fountains, girls in evening dresses.

There’s plenty more to see around Ratchada, including a busy night market, plenty of bars frequented by young local Thais and lots of restaurants.

The area is also close to the Thailand Cultural Centre stop which has the Ratchada Night Train market and loads of shops and restaurants.

Be sure to visit our guide to Ratchada Massage Parlours, too. They’re some of the best in Thailand and one of the secret areas that western tourists don’t often visit.

Here’s some shots of more big entertainment venues and massage places around Huay Kwang and Ratchada…


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