Waitresses In French Maids Outfits Arrested For Promoting Beer

This story was kicking around last week… three waitresses in French maids outfits arrested for promoting beer.

The girls – Janjira Jansaka, Nantida Poonyamanoj and Nantarika Pueakkleang
– made a live social media video later deleted in which they flaunted their cleavage and promoted a buy one get one free offer on bottles of Leo.

They urged customers too visit them at the bar and buy bottles of Leo for a ‘’buy one get one free’’ offer before 9pm at the Barcony Bar & Eatery.

But officers later pounced on the bar maids on Sunday evening and hauled them in tears to the police station in Saraburi province, Thailand.

They were arrested and released on bail while police investigate the clip under the country’s strict ‘’alcohol control act’’ which bans promoting drinking.

Janjira Jansaka, the girl in black rimmed glasses and with the biggest breasts, was charged under the alcohol control act 2008.

Now, I’m not gonna get into whether it’s a good law or a bad law that prevents the promotion of alcohol.

The fact is that it’s a law. The girls were breaking the law – either knowingly or unknowingly – so they should be punished.

The law has been loosely enforced since 2008 but officers are tightening up on it because of the amount of Internet wannabes and small-time celebrities being paid to promote drinks and bars on Facebook, Instagram etc etc

Offenders face up to one year in prison or a maximum fine of 500,000THB

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