Waitress Caught On CCTV Having Sex With Customer

This Thai waitress thought that nobody was watching after the restaurant had closed.

But CCTV caught her having sex with a man as he sits outside at one of the tables.

The clip – shot in July last year -shows her straddling the long-haired man as she lifts up her top for him to get a mouthful of her nipples.


There’s nobody around and they’re going at it for almost a minute at the joint in Isan region, Thailand.

The time stamp on the CCTV footage shows 11.20pm – just after closing time for most restuarants.

The randy couple only stop when they’re disturbed by another waitress who suddenly walks through the doors to collect more plates.

The flustered woman has to quickly jump off and pretend to be clearing away pots.

It looks like the other girl hardly notices – or perhaps she does and she’s just being polite.

Either way, it’s exactly the kind of after dinner service that goes down well with us…

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