Villager Trampled To Death By Herd Of Elephants

A villager was stomped to death by a herd of 30 wild elephants as he collected fruit from inside a forest.

Kamolchai Chanthawong, 54, went foraging for plants and other edible foods in Kanchanburi at 6am on Sunday morning but his family became concerned when he failed to return home.

Relatives alerted the police at 7pm and they began searching for the villager. Tragically, his battered body was found 1km away surrounded by elephant foot prints in the mud. He had been stomped on and knocked into a ditch.

Kamolchai is believed to have been caught in the path of the herd as they charged through the woods in the Sri Sawat district of the western province.

Police Colonel Wanchai Onla-or said today (Mon) that a herd of 30 wild elephants had recently been seen roaming the area.

He said: ”Villagers called police at 7pm on October 14 to report that Mr Kamolchai Chanthawong was missing and they were afraid he had been harmed.

”Staff joined with wildlife park officials to conduct the search inside the forest and the search was mobilised.

”At 8pm the body of Mr Kamolchai was found. His skull was fractured, his chest was crushed and his right arm and legs were broken.”

Officers checked the surrounding area and found elephant foot prints in the mud as well as several tree branches and leaves that had been knocked to the ground.

Kamolchai’s body was recovered from a ditch and put on a stretcher. Medics who performed a post-mortem examination at Tha Kradan Hospital found that Kamonchai had died from several severe blunt-force blows to the body.

Police Colonel Wanchai said that the people involved in the search and Kamolchai’s family were certain that Kamolchai had been killed by wild elephants. His body has been returned to the family for its traditional burial ceremony.

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