Vietnam-Era War Plane Carried Off Garage Roff

This is the bizarre moment a Vietnam war aircraft was lifted off the roof of a garage.

Mechanic Charlie Choungrangsee, 48, left his wife speechless when he bought the Fairchild C-123 carrier at an auction for 400,000 baht (then equivalent to 6,500gbp) in 1990.

She ordered him out of the home and refused to have it in their home – so quick-thinking Charlie plonked it on the roof of his petrol station in Bangkok, Thailand, where it has been for the last two decades.

But Charlie has now had to reluctantly chop the wings off the former tank carrier – which saw some of the most fierce fight of the 1960s – and hire a crane to remove it.

Charlie said he loved the carrier but due to its age it was becoming increasingly unstable when strong winds rip through the area. Footage taken on June 14 at 12:30pm shows the aeroplane being carried down from the building on the Bang Na – Trad highway and moved to the ground before it is due to be re-located.

Garage boss Charlie said: ”We won a bid on this plane 18 years ago for around 400,000 baht. The plane was use to bring small tanks and weaponeries back in Vietnam war days. I had the plane as attraction for all these years but lately the wind power had picked up and it needs maintenance.”

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