Vibrating Plane Wing Scares Passengers Flying To Bali

This is the terrifying moment passengers looked out the window and saw a vibrating plane wing.

Travellers were onboard the Boeing 738 from Makassar, Indonesia, to holiday island Bali on August 29.

But they looked at the wing and saw the flap track fairings shaking violently from side to side during the one hour and ten minute flight.

Marc Christoffel, who was onboard the Sriwijaya Air flight, said it looked like the plane was ”falling apart”.

He said: ”The flight was from Makassar to Bali and it looked like it was falling apart. The pilot pushed to have the photos deleted.

”I know the plane can shake during a flight but this one was shaking a lot.

”I’m not an Ingeneer and I can’t tell you to what extend this is normal. But it looked scary enough to other passengers to film it.”

Another passenger onboard the flight who wished to remain anonymous said the aircraft was shaking more than is show in the clip.

They said: ”This part of the wing was really shaking, the rest of the air craft was quite stable. The video is way under the reality of how bad it was.”

A spokesman for Sriwijaya Air said that the vibrating on the wing was ”normal”.

They said: ”We have not had any technical problems reported from this aircraft.”

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