Two Thai Models In Trouble Over Facebook Dance

Two young Thai models were hauled before police after posting a video of themselves online while dancing – wearing only knickers and nipple covers.

Double act Thanyakan Rojin, 23, and Kanthicha Buranon, 21, streamed topless footage while cavorting to music and moaning suggestively.

They removed their underwear while using only cuddly toys to cover their modesty and nude-coloured silicone nipple covers on their breasts.

The striptease was shared and viewed millions of times but it sparked anger from police.

Officers issued an arrest warrant and the two friends handed visited a station in the Bang Khen district of Bangkok.

Tearful Thanyakan said at a public grilling and apology that she performed the show to raise money to support her poverty-stricken parents.

thai models naked faecbook live show arrested

thai models naked faecbook live show arrested

She said: ”I did not want to do this but I needed to get money to take care of my family.

”I also need to help to pay to send my younger siblings to university.

”I apologise, I am sorry for setting a bad example to young people. This will stay with me forever.”

Dirty dancing duo Thanyakan and Kanthicha told police that they perform together online in return for payment from different companies.

Kanthicha said they would receive payment for their sexy dance, which was filmed on August 23, based on how many views it received from a football betting page.

She said: ”We took off our clothes so we would get more attention and more money. I am sorry.”

Both pornography and gambling are illegal in Thailand and after seeing the video, prominent conservative lawyer Songkran Atchariyatsap took up the case to prosecute the girls.

The girls were charged with ”violating the Computer Crime Act’s Section 14 (4)” and paid a 75,000 baht bond.

Police Colonel Amnat Intarasuran said: ”Making pornographic and obscene material and sharing it online is illegal.

”There will be a full investigation and a court hearing to decide the punishment in the future.”

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