Two Dogs Floating In Bath Tub

Two dogs who are best friends float together down a canal – in an old BATH TUB.

Three-year-old Golden Retriever Tawny jumped in the water and started splashing around – to the annoyance of his owner.

Keetawan Jemsuwun gave him a basin to sit in and then the two-year-old French Bulldog named ‘’Roasted Rice’’ also joined his buddy.

The seafaring pooches were filmed sitting comfortably as they sailed together down the stretch of water in the tub.

Mother-of-one Keetawan, 30, said: ‘’Both dogs are very mischievous and very stubborn. They don’t listen to me.

‘’I told Tawny to come out of the water but he wouldn’t return. So I put him in their bath tub and let him float. Rice is his best friend, he’s two years old. He jumped in and joined him in the basin.’’

The dogs floated together for a few minutes before Keetawan grabbed the basin and they both jumped out and splashed around in the water.

She added: ‘’It was funny watching them float away together. They loved the water but they needed a bath afterwards.”

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