Two Brits Get Into Punch-Up Over Bitcoin

Two Brits started fighting in a bar over a failed Bitcoin investment which they hoped would make them rich.

Would-be tycoons Stephen Roohe, 50, and Russell Birtwistle, 60, met over drinks in Pattaya, Thailand, last Sunday (September 8) afternoon where they discussed the loss.

Stephen allegedly received 100,000 Baht (2,640GBP) from Russel but only returned 92,500 Baht (2,450GBP) to his investment partner.

The discussion became heated as Russell demanded back the missing cash – then threw several punches knocking Stephen to the ground.

CCTV shows how he then picked up a barstool and smashed it into his face while kicking him as he lay on the ground.

Shocked drinkers fled before two men stepped in to restrain the attacker. Stephen was taken to hospital to receive treatment for cuts to his head and face.

He said: ”We were in a bitcoin investment since about two years ago and it worked well for about six months then the guy shut it down. But [Russell] got his money back, he withdrew 100,000 baht but after the fees, he was left with 92,500.

”I gave him everything that I got back and we’ve been playing golf ever since, I’ve been seeing him, having drinks with him, then Sunday night he just comes up to me in the bar and says ‘I want back 7,500 baht so I told him I couldn’t give it to him. Then he just hit me out of the blue.”

Stephen’s Thai wife said the pair had been good friends before the Bitcoin investment, which they hoped would make them rich.

She said: “He hit my husband out of anger because he couldn’t get back the money. It was not my husband’s fault, the bigger deal closed down.”

Pattaya Police issued an arrest warrant for Russell and he was later taken to the station for questioning.

He admitted attacking Stephen and the case was closed after he agreed to pay him 20,000 Baht (528GBP) to cover hospital fees to treat his injuries.

A police spokesman said: ”The foreign party agreed to pay damages to the victim and accept liability.”

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