Two Begpackers Begging At Phra Ram 9

This is the bizarre moment two backpackers were seen ”begpacking” by busking with a ukulele and harmonica outside a subway station in Thailand.

The pair, who spoke with Australian accents, were seen outside the Phra Ram 9 MRT station in Bangkok at 8pm.

They earned around 200 baht from passing shoppers in under 30 minutes with the bizarre ”begpacking” technique.

They had a sign made from cardboard with written on it the words ”We travel around the world 🙂 Pls support our travelling”.

The controversial begpacking trend, which has emerged over the last couple of years, sees young people from developed countries fund their holidays by begging from locals in poorer countries.

Hundreds of tourists have been seen earning cash to pay for hotels and foods by begpacking in Thailand, and other countries in South East Asia.

But begpacking has also been criticsed for depriving locals of income and earning money without work permits.

The pair in the video took around 400 baht (9.50gbp) in an hour while the minimum wage in the city is just 325 baht (7.70gbp) a day. Most locals have never been outside the country or used aeroplanes.

The filmer said he gave them 20 baht (around 50p). He added: ”It’s not my idea of a fun holiday. But I don’t have anything against people who do this begpacking lark. They looked like they were having a nice time.”

Commenting online, people who saw the footage said the pair should use their own money to pay for travelling trips.

Omie Khocharatana, a Thai native from Bangkok, said: ”I’m pretty sure those sitting nearby selling lottery work their butts off harder than these begpackers! If they want to travel around the world then they’re supposed to learn how to plan their savings.”

Paul Vergouwe said: ”No. Just no. I think it’s a shame. Go work before you go travelling.”

Scott Ference added: ”I wonder if they have work permits.”

Minh Le said: ”I wouldn’t give them anything.”

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