Turkish Crook, 43, Caught Running Fake Kamagra Factory

This is the moment a Turkish man was caught making fake Kamagra tablets for sex tourist Brits to use in Thailand.

Ahmet Necmi Yediyildiz, 43, was arrested in his front room in Bangkok last Thursday July 25 with tens of thousands of the copy-cat tablets in his front room.

A huge pink mixing bucket full of gunge was being used to produce the aphrodisiacs, which were then packaged in boxes matching the popular brand.

Officers who raided the property claimed they found a list of brothels which Ahmet had been supplying the ‘jellies’ to for their customers.

Ahmet allegedly admitted that the tablets would also been destined for street stands in the tourist capitals popular red light districts, where vendors sell them to holidaymakers from around the world.

Tourists, many from Britain, often buy the cheap tablets from the street before they use the city’s brothels, bars and gogo clubs.

Ahmet, seen in the pictures in a dark black camouflage patterned shirt, said: “Me and other shareholders have been doing this business for a year now. My responsibility is to mix the glucose syrup which gives the drug sweet taste and pack it into the box, then someone will spread the goods.

“The methamphetamine is for personal use, I did not mix it with the pill.”

Police said they carried out the raid after an undercover agent collected evidence that the ‘Kamagra’ had not been legally authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Kamagra jelly is a edible fluid drug, which users dissolve in their mouths to enhance sexual arousal and erections.

Side-effects include headaches, dehydration and heart palpitations.

Officers said there were 46,700 sachets of Kamagra and a 0.01 oz pack of ‘yaba’ methamphetamine also recovered in the raid. Scales were also in the room and evidence that Ahmet had been selling the pills online.

Police Major General Ittipon Atchariyapradit said: ”Initially, we will charge the man for legally producing medicine and possessing illegal drugs.

“We will investigate further for the other shareholder of this fake Kamagra factory.”

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