Tourists Having Sex In A TUK TUK In Phuket

Two tourists faced arrest today after being filmed having sex – in the back of a TUK TUK.

Shocked motorist Sornchai Uadsree spotted the couple sat in the back of the vehicle yesterday evening near Patong Beach on holiday island Phuket, in Thailand.

He was driving behind them and filmed the pair romping – oblivious to other road users who can see them.

Footage shows the man sat against the side of the vehicle while the woman who appears to be wearing a short skirt is perched on his lap – leaning backwards with her arms on the seats behind her.

Her legs are in the air touching the roof of the Songthaew – the name for a four-wheeled tuk tuk – as she rocks back and fourth.

The vehicle then turns left at a junction and disappears down the road.

Footage of the incident sparked outrage from locals who complained the popular resort had gone down hill and ‘’it wouldn’t have happened a few years ago’’.

They pointed out that because the licence plate of the vehicle is visible it would be easy to track down the driver and the hotel where he delivered the holidaymakers. They could be arrested and made to apologise if police decide to take action.

Kanittarat Gronsang said: ‘’Why did the driver not stop and talk to the foreigners? He could have prevented it from happening.’’

Arporn Kenkudrang added: ‘’Don’t just blame the driver, the passengers are the ones who have caused something ugly like this to happen.’’

Somchai Jindapon said: ‘’The area is not the same. It has become worse and this wouldn’t have happened a few years ago. The police need to investigate and find the passengers and make them apologise.’’

Last Summer an American woman and Irish man were filmed having oral sex in public on holiday island Koh Phi Phi. They were tracked down, arrested, and forced to apologise publicly.

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