Tourist’s Hilarious Reaction To Fish Spa In Phuket

This is the hilarious moment a tourist gets himself psyched up by screaming ‘‘I can do this’’ as he tries a fish spa for the first time.

The man was seen with a group of pals dunking his feet into the aquarium filled with nibbling fish on Patong Beach, Phuket on Saturday night.

Onlookers gather round the street attraction in amusement as he shouts at the top of his voice ‘’oh my god, no’’.

His friend even holds his hand to help him deal with the bizarre sensation of fish nibbling on his feet.

He composes himself, closes his eyes and yells again several times ‘’I can do this, I can do this’’

The man is seen clenching his fist, gritting his teeth, taking deep breaths as he tries to battle the ticklish feelings.

tourist funny reaction to fish spa in phuket
tourist funny reaction to fish spa in phuket

But the sensation becomes too much for him and he pulls out his feet and dejectedly holds his head in his hands after just two minutes of the session.

Onlooker Buraseth Wattanakorn who recorded the clip, said: ‘’It was very funny, I’ve never seen anybody so crazy just using a fish spa.

‘’It’s a strange feeling at first but this man really couldn’t handle it. ”

Fish pedicure spas have boomed in popularity in recent years and involve tiny Garra rufa fish nibbling on feet to remove the dry and dead skin.

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