Tourists Dies After Asking For Tummy Rubbed During Thai Massage

A pensioner died from a suspected seizure while he was having a Thai massage – after telling the girl to rub his belly.

Vicente Fernandez, 67, visited the late night massage parlour in Pattaya, eastern Thailand, with his own bottle of cream at 11:30pm on April 7.

The Spanish holidaymaker told staff at the Lotus Massage shop that it was his last night in the country before returning home and and that he wanted their best massage.

But fifteen minutes into the session, the tourist began seizing up and lost consciousness.

Paramedics arrived and loaded him into an ambulant but he was pronounced dead on on the way to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Massage shop owner Kinpana Polngamdee, 47, said that Vicente was well recognised by staff as he had been for four or five times before and always brought his own soothing cream.

She said: “The man came to my shop in the evening. My staff led him up to the second floor where he gave her his personal massage oil and then she started massaging.’’

Kinpana said that Vicente had asked for the girl to softly massage his stomach.

The masseuse had been rubbing his belly for 15 minutes when he suddenly had a seizure and passed out. The girl ran down to tell the owner who called an ambulance.

Kinpana told Pattaya Police that she and her workers had no idea why the Spaniard had died. She was confident that her staff had done nothing unusual to the customer.

She said: ‘’I remember they went upstairs and the staff just started massaging him for only 15 minutes before we were shocked by his sudden seizure.

“I am sure the masseur did the massage just the way he liked with his stomach being rubbed as always, but this time we really didn’t know what was wrong with him.’’

Police Lieutenant Colonel Tatchasak Chithathikulchai said that the dead body was sent to the Police General Hospital in Bangkok for the autopsy.

The policeman said: “We have to wait for the examination result for the actual cause of death. But presumably, it was possible that Mr Fernandez died due to his health condition.’’

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