Tourist Throws Tantrum When Mum Wouldn’t Buy Big Mac

Much was made of this tourist who threw a tantrum last week when his mum wouldn’t buy him a Big Mac.

Some news sites said he was Chinese. He was in fact Indonesian and named David Rais, aged 20.

He had been on a tour with other holidaymakers when the bus stopped outside a pizza place in Pattaya.

The lad’s mother bought him a pizza but he wasn’t happy and demanded a McDonald’s. A tantrum followed and he ran into the road, narrowly avoided being hit by a car, and was then put into the back of a police truck.

His mother didn’t give it to his demands and still refused to buy him a Big Mac.

A Chinese tourist throws a tantrum when his mum wouldn't buy a Big Mac

A Chinese tourist throws a tantrum when his mum wouldn’t buy a Big Mac

Pol Lt Chawalit Suwanmanee from Pattaya City Tourism Authority described him as a ”spoiled little brat”.

Yes, perhaps he is. Maybe he’s also greedy and chubby. Maybe he’s also mentally autistic as some sites suggested.

Who knows… but he definitely ain’t getting no Big Macs behaving like that. Well done, Mum.


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