Tourist Sits Through MONSOON To Finish His Buffet

Just what is it about western tourists and the rainy season in Thailand.

On Friday there was the video of the man trying to ride his bike through a downpour – even when the rain turned the road into a river.

Then the next day we have this video of a middle-aged western tourist sitting calmly though a monsoon to finish his Thai barbecue buffet.

The man – who has not been identified – was mid-way through the meal when the heavens opened in Pattaya, Thailand around 7pm.

His girlfriend begged him to come inside after dozens of other diners scrambled for cover in the rainy season downpour.

But the man – who has not been identified – was determined to finish his pork, chicken and noodles while swigging his bottle of beer.

Eventually his girlfriend gave up asking, and handed for him to use while he finished his supper.

The hilarious footage went viral after restaurant owner Thapanee Noisong shared it over the weekend.

She said: ”The foreigner came to the restaurant with his Thai girlfriend for a barbecue meal. He was really enjoying the meat.

”When it started raining everyone went inside. His girlfriend tried to talk him out of eating his meal at the table but he kept going.

”We gave him an umbrella so he could carry on without getting even more wet. And we gave him another plate of free meat because we were so impressed by his determination to finish his food, even in the pouring rain.”

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