Tourist Seen Romping On Bench At Chiang Mai Flower Show

Two tourists sparked outrage after romping on a park bench during a flower show.

The couple were seen by shocked locals during the festival in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand on Wednesday (12/02) evening.

Onlooker Natthaporn Klanarong, 29, was enjoying the event when he noticed the woman straddling her man in front of the frangipanis display.

Pictures show the woman in the red dress sitting astride the man in shorts. Natthaporn said they were ”thrusting and kissing”.

He said “When I was walked past the spot I couple see the woman moving. I tried to imagine they were doing something else but I looked again and it was clear what they were up to.

”The couple were indifferent to all of the visitors who could see them. They were kissing and thrusting, normally like people do in private.

“They stopped after seeing me holding my mobile phone and taking pictures of them. I observed them and realised that they were foreign tourists who might have been staying nearby in a hostel.”

The town office is now checking the CCTV from the park to try and trace the couple. They said they will take legal action against their apparent display of public indecency.

The pair could face fines of up to 5,000 Baht for alleged lewd behaviour if they are charged.

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