Tourist Carried From Bar After Fight With Ladyboys

A middle-aged tourist with his head bandaged up and covered is bundled into a police truck after fighting with ladyboys.

The holidaymaker stumbled into a bar in Pattaya on June 17 at 1.30am where he ordered a drink and allegedly starting arguing with the transsexual staff.

He is said to have punched one of the hookers before stumbling over and cracking his head open on the floor at the Pook Bar.

Police and paramedics arrived to give first aid to the man who was then carried out and hauled into the flat bed of a police truck.

Bar worker Nakharin Jankaew, 26, said he heard a commotion out in the street before the drunk tourist came in and ordered a drink.

He said: ”The man hadn’t even finished his drink and he was still being aggressive. We told him to calm down and stop shouting.”

Nakharin said a fight broke out and he was punched by the tourist in the face and suffered swelling around his cheeks. Another ladyboy injured their arm.

He added: ”The tourist injured his head when he fell onto the floor. We had to defend ourselves because he was being very aggressive.”

Police Major Sarasak Pinthong said the tourist was taken in for questioning and later released without being charged after he had sobered up.

He said: ”This was a minor disagreement and the tourist understood that he had behaved badly because he was drunk.”

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