Toll Booth Guard Attacked For Refusing To Let Truck Pass

This is the shocking moment a security guard is attacked after he refused to let a driver through a toll booth.

Aniruth Sangmit, 52, had been working at motorway bridge in Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday evening when the silver pick up truck approached.

The driver and four passengers became angry after being told they could not pay cash and had to use a special pre-paid card.

CCTV footage shows them pile out of the car and surround the helpless guard before throwing punches and hurling him to the ground.

Aniruth, who was knocked unconcious and left with black eyes, said: ”I tried to explain how to pay the toll to the passenger but he became angry.

”’The man who sat in the passenger’s seat got out of the car, verbally assaulted me and punched me several times until I collasped.”

Aniruth said the man grabbed him and punched him several times in the face.

Police are now hunting the owner of the truck and his passengers after the attack on the busy Sirat Expressway toll gates.

Pol Col Samart Phromchart said investigators know who the owner of the pickup truck is and will issue summonses for the owner and passengers.

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