Was This Toddler Really Driving A Car?

This is the bizarre moment a TODDLER stunned motorists – when he appears to be driving his own CAR.

Pattharapong Sirisuwan, 33, spotted the youngster sat in the front driver’s seat while waiting at traffic lights last Thursday.

His friend in the passenger seat began recording the youngster and was amazed when he the car pulled forward when the lights changed green.

Toddler Appears To Be Driving A CAR! by viralpress

The footage shows the kid in the silver Honda appear to drive forward then reach 30mph as he veers left in a fork in the road.

Pattharapong’s clip filmed in Ubon Ratchathani, northern Thailand, went viral after he posted in online.

He said: ”I was very surprised to see kids driving and I’m trying to find is that his parents behind him or not.

”I think he was anywhere between three years old and seven years old. But we’r not sure.”

Pattharapong’s clip has been viewed more than a million times.

But some viewers suggested that the young boy was merely resting on the driver’s lap, who was reclining out of view.

Ty Nuttapong said: ”It looks like the boy is sitting with his dad. When we were kids we would do this all the time.”

M’Miw M’Manniyom added: ”The driver is behind him. A young boy’s feet wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals.”

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