Toddler Has Near Miss After Falling From Car

A toddler narrowly avoids being crushed under the wheels of a car after falling from the front passenger door.

The girl is believed to have been travelling without a child seat while the white Nissan Almera sat in traffic in Bangkok.

Moments later she appears to open the door herself and falls to the ground – coming within a whisker of her her legs being crushed by the wheels.

The car begins to pull away but what seems to be the driver, who has not yet been identified, quickly stops and scoops up the girl.

The woman who recored the scene was travelling behind the car with her father in the Minburi district of the city.

She said: ”I want to be an example for everyone. If you have a small child take their safety seriously, their life is important and it is your responsibility.

‘’In this situation it is very fortunate that the car was stopped in traffic or it could have been much worse.

‘’If the car had been moving then the driver would have felt very guilty for the rest of their lives.

‘’What would have happened if the car had driven over the child? She is lucky, God was protecting her that day.’’

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