Toddler Killed In Head-On Crash

This is the horrifying moment a six-month-old baby is killed in a head-on crash with a car being driven the WRONG WAY on a motorway.

Tragic infant Angpow Pantujan had been travelling with family in a silver pick-up truck in Suphanburi.

But the black vehicle suddenly came hurtling round a bend and ploughed into the family’s car in an devastating accident at 5.22pm.

Nong died later in the emergency ward while four others in the vehicle and the driver of the black pick-up were treated in hospital for their injuries.

The baby’s devastated mother Kamolchanokpan Pantujan, who had also been in the car and suffered minor cuts and bruises, said she was ”heartbroken”.

She said: ”My baby boy has gone to heaven. My heart is broken. He was the most beautiful little boy.

Nong’s aunty Jeap Ploy said: ”There are no words for the agony of the mother. Her feelings are that she just wants to cry. I want to cry, too.

”What kind of hell is it that would take a child from their family?”

An onlooker rescued two people from the wreckage and rushed them to hospital.

The emergency services arrived a short time later and carried the remaining victims into ambulances.

Police are now investigating the driver of the black pick-up truck and conducting blood tests to check if drugs or alcohol were in his system at the time of the crash.

Police Superintendant Pratuang Namdocmai said: ”Evidence from the CCTV shows that the driver of the black pick-up truck was in the wrong.

”He has been charged with reckless driving. What is unclear is if he had alcohol in his blood. We are waiting for checks from the hospital. He is still being treated there at hospital.

”The driver is a Thai national and he caused others to die and be seriously injured.”

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