U.S. Man ‘Attacked With Samurai Sword On Koh Samui’

An American man has relived the horror moment he claims he was attacked by a drug-crazed ex-employee with a SAMURAI SWORD.

Timothy Claus, 32, hired Chaiyarat Imkong, 32, to work as a carpenter at his company in Ko Samui, Thailand.

But when Timothy went to pick him up he was allegedly watching cartoons and high – before flying into a wide-eyed rage.

Chaiyarat grabbed a samurai sword and Timothy claims he was tripped over outside the building before being slashed in the arm, thigh and abdomen.

The man is then said to have dealt a fourth savage blow to Timothy’s head and ripped his arm out of the socket in a struggle to disarm him.

Horror footage taken after the alleged attack shows blood pouring from Timothy’s head and leg as he ”says goodbye to his family in case he bleeds to death”.

The deep scar on Timothy Claus's head after the alleged attack

The deep scar on Timothy Claus’s head after the alleged attack

Stitches to Timothy's ear

Stitches to Timothy’s ear

Despite being charged with an offence of fighting, Chaiyarat has now been released after seven months having been remanded in custody since the incident in May last year.

Furious Timothy – who blames Thailand’s notoriously corrupt justice system – said for the early release – said: ”After the blow/strike to the head I waited for him to raise the sword, then grabbed his wrist with my left hand. He then used both his hands on my left hand. He was so high and strong he pulled my shoulder out of the socket.

I love Thailand but the justice system disgusts me — Timothy Claus

”I still have his fingernail marks on my wrist today. All I could do was hold on. I had no use of my arm but managed to keep my grip. I turned him around, knocked him down and put my knee on his hand with the sword and held him down. The police were there within seconds.”

Timothy was treated for his injuries and the wounds stitched together. But seven months later he still suffers pain in his ankle and his a disfigured ear.

Chaiyarat was arrested and held in custody. But after a recent court case the man was released.

Timothy, who is now living in France, told the Samui Times: ”I just want to start off by saying I love Thailand. Anyone who has lived in Thailand, or any developing country, knows that the legal system isn’t perfect but for the most part; good people are helped and bad people are punished.

”The Thai justice system is unjust and this disgusts me. The entire system has been let down by one prejudice person.

”I was so certain that the man would serve the minimum 12 year sentence. When they let him go I felt like the country I called home for so long had not only let me down but twisted the knife in my wound.”

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