Three Pet Dogs Bark At Cobra Outside House

Three loyal pet dogs bark at a king cobra to stop it from getting inside their house.

The fearless pooches spotted the reptile hiding among the laundry outside the house in Udon Thani, northern Thailand, August 12 afternoon.

They surrounded the deadly snake and barked at it which prevented it from escaping.

Owner Rawiwan Jermphan, 64, heard the dogs, aged one, three and five, yapping and rushed out with hr daughter to see what had happened.

The mother called the rescue team who arrived to catch the beast before it had the chance to bite the dogs.

Footage shows the cobra rearing up menacingly while spreading its hood as the dogs stare down the snake in a show of territorial dominance.

Rawiwan said: “This is not the first time these dogs saved us from a snake. We raised them with love and they are loyal and will protect us from any danger.”

Fortunately, the local rescue team captured the 3ft long cobra and released it back to the wild.

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