Three ‘Hells Angels’ Aussies Arrested In Pattaya Meth Raids

Three Australians with suspected links to the Hells Angels were arrested on November 28 in drugs raids across Thailand as cops now hunt the alleged British kingpin.

Tihomer Stojic, 47, was detained in Buriram province 250 miles northeast of Bangkok where officers allegedly found 20 grams of meth, or ice, hidden in the glove compartment and the back seats of his car.

While in joint raids in the notorious ‘Sin City’ resort of Pattaya, Jamie Hansom, 46, and Steven Hovi, 58, were also arrested along with their two Thai girlfriends and a Nigerian man.

Police claim they found at their homes, 1.1Kg of meth, a gun, drugs paraphernalia, mobile phones, and bank slips showing transactions of more than 1 million baht.

Officers believe the three Aussies are connected to the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle gang which is said to have become heavily involved in drugs trafficking across Asia.

Police hailed the arrests as a breakthrough in the battle against meth dealing in the country and claimed the suspects had targeted tourists.

Lieutenant General Montri Yimyam said the group also had connections to the equally fearsome Comanchero Motorcycle Club.

If convicted of drug trafficking, the suspects could spend the next 25 years in prison, or even be sentenced to death.

The police chief said: ”Several police forces worked together to target the transnational drug trafficking gangs which were connected to the Hells Angels and Comanchero gang. They were operating in Pattaya and many people are involved.”

Lieutenant General Montri Yimyam named the Australians along with the Chimezie Stanley Duru, 38, from Nigeria and the two Thai women Jiraporn Kiatsutthajit, 35, and Weerapa Ounsri, 34. Stelios Shakallis was also arrested separately.

Several other suspects are still being hunted, including two more Australians and a British kingpin. The two Australian suspects being hunted were named as Errol Stephen Gildea from the Hells Angels and Amad Malkoun from the Comanchero gang.

The Brit man was identified as Christopher Depp, who police believe is one of the ringleaders of the drugs cell.

Lieutenant General Montri Yimyam added: ”Before the arrest, our spies had informed us that the Australians were working with the Nigerian as part of a large drug trafficking gang connected to the Hells Angels. Their intention was to sell the Ice drug to foreigners in Pattaya.

”There are many suspects all of different nationalities involved. Our specialist team has made arrests and we will find the others involved.”

Police said that the foreign suspects would be detained and interrogated to reveal details of the larger network.

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