Thousands Of Ants Form Chain Across The Road

This is the incredible moment hundreds of thousands of ants were seen in a long line as their carried their eggs across a road.

Charoensuk Prajongbua noticed the unusual scene in Sanam Chai Khet district of Chachoengsai, eastern Thailand, on August 9 at 9am.

He watched them for several minutes as the ants crawled across the tarmac on the higher ground to the an area further down hill.

Charoensuk believes they were moving their nest to an area that was dryer after heavy monsoon rains hit the area.

Wildlife enthusiast Charoensuk said: ”There were about 100,000 ants all in a long line going across the road. They were carrying white eggs from the higher part to a lower area. I think they were moving home to somewhere safer. There was a lot of rain so they didn’t want to be flooded.”

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