Thieves Steal Gold Chain From Tourist In Tuk Tuk

Thefts from tourists in Bangkok are thankfully quite rare. Certainly in comparison with the number of visitors who arrive every month.

However, this video shows just why it’s always good to be extra cautious.

The European man and his partner were travelling inside the vehicle when it came to a stop in heavy traffic in Bangkok at 8pm.

Two thieves – who had been shadowing the couple along the road – pulled up behind the tuk tuk while the crook riding pillion reached over to the the man in an orange shirt.

He yanked off the man’s gold necklace before disappearing in the maze of traffic on the busy four-lane road at the height of rush hour.

One piece of advice any smart Thai will give you – don’t walk around in busy tourist areas wearing valuable gold jewellery. You become an instant magnet for thieves and crooks.

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