Will Thailand Swap Wirapol Sukphol For Olga Komova?

Jet-setting monk Wirapol Sukphol has been arrested in the U.S. – sparking a diplomatic trade-off with Thailand.

The bad-boy monk was collared in America after fleeing Thailand in 2013 with bags full of cash and gold.

He is alleged to have raped an underage girl and fathered a child with her and he’s also wanted over fraud charges.

Dimplomatic trade-off... Wirapol Sukphol

Dimplomatic trade-off… Wirapol Sukphol

Olga Komova is accused of running a global money laundering scam from Koh Chang, Thailand

Olga Komova is accused of running a global money laundering scam from Koh Chang, Thailand

There’s no chance of such a flightly cretin getting bail – even if one his cronies stumped up a huge bail.

Instead, the U.S. authorities have kept Wirapol Sukphol  in a cell and look to be using him as a diplomatic pawn.

Diplomatic trade-off… a monk for a busty Ruski

Thai Police recently arrested Olga Komova after a lengthy U.S.-led  FBI investigation into a $30million global credit card fraud. She’s alleged to have been behind the email scams that gather bank details then empty people’s accounts.

She’s being held in Thailand and the U.S. wants her extradited. But the Thai government has poor form with it’s Russian prisoners wanted by Amercia.

Thailand previously released Komova’s dad Mikhail Georgevich. He was wanted by the FBI over child porn and money laundering offences. But when he was arrested in Thailand, the authorities let him go and he fled back to safety in Russia.

It’s now looking like Thailand will have to hand over Komova to the U.S. if they want to get their hands on Wirapol.

It’s a tough choice… bring a bad boy monk to justice and upset the Ruskies? Or keep the Russian government happy, the rubles flowing into Pattaya and Phuket, but let a wanted man evade Thai justice and live a life of luxury in the Californian sun?

What a lovely pair Wirapol Sukphol and Olga Komova would make!


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