Thailand’s Hottest Election Candidates In 2019

These are the colorful candidates hoping to topple Thailand’s ten-year military dictatorships this weekend – including a lingerie model, ladyboy, socialite and fitness fanatic.

The attractive young politicians are representing parties standing against controversial army General Prayut Chan-o-cha when the country votes on Sunday March 24.

Their election manifestoes include the death penalty for rapists, improving the lives of the country’s poor and introducing equal rights for LGBT people.

The stand-out candidates are…

Ploypilin Rattanasatian

Lingerie model Ploypilin Rattanasatian, 25, is the youngest of all the candidate of the Thai Local Power Party from Maha Sarakham, northeastern Thailand.

Ploypilin has been working as a model but always had a long interest in Thai politics. She never had the idea to run for the office until she agreed with the policies of Thai Local Power policies.

The young candidate received a lot of attention after her sexy photoshoots revealed but she continued campaigning as she thinks her modelling work has nothing to do with her desire to work in politics.

She said: ‘’In the eyes of the elders, I might be a kid. But, believe me, a lot of kids these days have ideas and energy to do something good for society. Please don’t judge me by my appearance.’’

Warapairin Thanawarissaporn

Actress Warapairin Thanawarissaporn, 28, is the MP candidate of the Chartthaipattana Party, from Bangkok, Thailand.

After being well-recognised as an actress in 2014, Warapairin had faded from the entertainment industry and eventually surprised fans when she resurfaced in politics,

The former star, who is representing Ladprao-Wangthonglang district, wants to raise more awareness of sexual assault by introducing death penalty for rapists.

She said: ‘’Sexual harassment happens all the time but sadly rapists are never caught. The punishment has to be more strict, so those people will be afraid of the law. I want Thai people, especially teenagers, to live happy lives without hearing such depressing news everyday”

Tipadee Paweenasatien

Tipadee Paweenasatien, 50, is the MP candidate representing the Future Forward Party from Lampang, northern Thailand. The beautiful candidate has proved everyone that age is just a number.

Local people have always known her as the former president of Business and Professional Women Association of Thailand and as a successful business woman before joining the world of politics.

Tipadee entered politics for the first time with her ambition to improve the lives of Thailand’s poverty-stricken poor.

The mother of two said: “The same old politicians from the same old parties have always done nothing, except for themselves. I wanted to become the MP to break this cycle.”

Pimdara Sirisalung

Pimdara Sirisalung, 32, is another attractive candidate from the Future Forward Party from Lampang, northern Thailand.

Pimdara has been popular with voters in Lampang District Four due to her policy of affordable public transportation for everyone.

She said: “I couldn’t drive and I never had a car. I had been using Thai public transportation throughout my entire life. Everybody knew the problem of it but nobody did anything, so I volunteered to make a change.”

Suchada Thaensap

Fitness fanatic Suchada Thaensap, 27, is the young political member from the Democrats Party. The pretty lady promises to be the representative of “the true voice for Thai women.”

Suchada was also a former actress who had been criticised for using appearance and money to become famous in the society.

But she has proved them wrong by being a part of the Thailand’s oldest party which aims to give everyone the opportunity to speak for their rights democratically.

She said: “I have known a lot of people. Before becoming a politician, I always talked to them about the social problems and what Thailand was lack of. I would be glad to finally make their voices heard in the parliament.”

Bussaya Tungpakorn

Socialite Bussaya Tungpakorn, 29, has won legions of male fans after becoming the candidate representing Pheu Thai Party from Nakhon Sawan, central Thailand.

Bussaya is a fashion designer who was born into a politically active family. She follows her father’s footstep to become a politician in the same party.

She is aware that the society gives her a lot of attention recently because of her background and her beauty but she wants to be admired by her perspectives rather than by her appearance.

She said: “Females can get the attention from the society by her ideas too. I would listen to them and stand by them in expressing their political views to change the country.”

Firzty Shawatida

Transgender model Firzty Shawatida was born a man but after changing to a woman has featured in Vogue and won dozens of awards for her skimpy shoots.

She’s representing the same LGBT party as Pauline Ngarmpring, the millionaire businessman who changed into a woman.

Firzty said: ‘’Thailand can be transformed into a country that gives equal opportunities to all people regardless of their gender and sexuality. We will represent the seven million openly LGBT people as well as push for gender equality.’’

Noppawan Huajaiman

While there are many standing against the ruling ‘junta’ dictatorship, Noppawan Huajaiman, 33, is the MP candidate representing the army leader’s Palang Pracharat Party.

Noppawan had been working as a promotional model in many events for more than 10 years. She also leads many pretty models to joins the pro-junta political party as the party welcomes anyone with political interests regardless of their gender and their occupations.

Graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Noppawan aims to promote the better health welfare for people with Thai nationality, especially the elders.

The pharmacist said: “The population of older people kept increasing and they did not receive the good health care. I would promote Thailand’s public health for every citizens, so that they would have a good quality of life in the future.”

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