Thai Woman’s Naughty Yoga Pictures Cause Outrage

A Thai businesswoman who sparked outrage with a sex tape has angered her critics again – with these sultry pictures of her doing naked yoga.

Yoga fanatic Jilamiga Chalermsuk, 35, caused outrage in 2016 when video emerged online of her performing sex acts on herself on a bed.

She has since been living in Japan while running a cosmetic business. However, she has also been working on her yoga poses and this week revealed a series of black and white pictures of her stretching in the nude.

Shocked locals complained that her x-rated yoga pictures were offensive and portrayed women in a negative light.

One wrote online: ”I never knew that yoga involved showing your ass and p***y. Why would people think this is art? Do you have no shame?”

Thanapol Nee added: ”This is a bad message to young women, that they have take off their clothes to get attention. It shows women in a bad way.”

Another, Pradoung Pat, said that Jilamiga should apologise for the saucy images. He added: ”It’s been so long since young x-rated movie was around that people have forgotten about you. Do not associate art with your behaviour.”

The businesswoman defended herself against those criticising her naked yoga and said she considers that what she did was a work of art.

She said: ”I do not see that they are inappropriate at all. They only saw yoga postures and not the sex organs. You can see my bones, my scars. How is that sexy?

”The pictures are showing the human body in its natural state. I’m not wearing clothes so that people can see the muscles and their shapes. I opened my heart and soul for the photos.

”Yoga exercises are for meditation and mindfulness. I would like tp emphasize that this is a piece of art, and not sexual advertising in any way.”

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