Thai Woman’s Ghost Caught On Camera

This is the spooky moment a group of motorcyclists were riding through a forest and a ghostly apparition of an ancient Thai woman suddenly appears.

Jaded Mungnon, 45, was with several pals riding off road along a dirt track while he recorded the footage on his helmet camera on February 27.

The oblivious group of cross-country riders reached end of the pathway and watched back the footage – before noticing the white figure floating briefly next to a tree.

Source: Ghost Of Thai Woman Caught On Camera by ViralPress on Rumble

They returned to the scene to check but saw nothing – and when Jade returned home and slowed down the clip it shows a female Thai woman wearing a traditional silk sarong with her hair pinned up in a bun.

Her dark eyes, face, arms and sharply figure are visible as she turns to look at the man filming her before disappearing a split second later.

The eerie footage has now sent the chills down the hardened group of motorcyclists who are convinced it’s a spirit on the tracks in at the Khao Mai Kaew park in Chonburi province, Thailand.

Jade, who lives in Yangoon, Myanmar, but was visiting friends in the neighbouring country, said: ‘’I was riding my motorcycle and a friend was in front doing the navigation. I record everything on my helmet camera.

‘’At first I didn’t notice anything. But when we all watched back the footage there was a sudden white shape on the screen.

‘’I opened the footage on my computer and when it is slowed down it shows a woman. People think that it is a spirit haunting the path. She is looking directly at the camera.

‘’We were shocked. It is very spooky. I have never recorded a ghost on camera before but this is very clear.’’

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