Thai Woman Strips In Cambodian Bar

This reveller sparked outrage after taking off her clothes and dancing naked on restaurant tables.

The woman was drinking at the bar in the Poipet district of northwestern Cambodia last Friday August 16 night when she began stripping.

Customers watched as she removed her knickers then climbed on to tables to pose naked – flashing her privates to shocked diners.

The live band continued playing as the woman strutted around during the incident at the ABCD bar.

Many of the customers in the video appear to be from neighboring Thailand, with the band singing in Thai and the guests heard speaking the same language.

One diner, who wised to remain anonymous, said they did not know why the customer started stripping but believes they had too much to drink.

They added: ”The woman was from Thailand. She was not local. Many Thais like to come here because there are casinos.

”Strippers and gogo clubs are illegal here. So this not the kind of thing that is supposed to happen. Some people couldn’t believe what she was doing. The band carried on though and she put her clothes back soon after.”

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