Thai Woman Loses Fingers In Freak Ironing Accident

A university student who lost four fingers in a freak ironing accident has battled back to graduate in an emotional ceremony just a month later.

Hospitality graduate Ploy Tawanthip, 22, was working as an intern for her final year at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, when she put freshly washed bed sheets in an ironing machine on March 4.

But while the linen was in the press, the machine broke. Ploy was lifting the lid with her right hand while struggling to pull the sheets out with her left hand, when red hot board suddenly crashed down, trapping her fingers.

The intern was crying out for help as the iron burned her fingers to a cinder. Shockingly, when staff arrived, nobody knew how to deal with the broken ironer – leaving her hand trapped.

In agonising pain, the student had speak on a video call with a mechanic who explained how she could remove her burning fingers.

The hotel officers rushed Ploy to Sawanpracharak Hospital, where the doctor suggested amputating her fingers as they were badly burned and impossible to fix.


The final year student said: “My finger nerves and bone masses were already damaged when I arrived at the hospital, so the doctor couldn’t do anything but to cut them off to prevent further infections.”

Though it has been a month since the operation, Ploy, says she has struggled to cope with the the loss of her fingers and that the popular hotel in the tourist city has not accepted any responsibility.

Despite the trauma, the young woman, who is a part-time bra model, summoned the strength to return to the university for the final days of her degree and graduate with honours.

In an emotional ceremony on April 22, she had her hand bandaged up to protect the wounds from where her fingers were.

Ploy said: “My family aren’t rich and I’m their only hope. But now I have to give up my plan of becoming a government officer because it will be very hard for me to pass the physical tests.

“This incident has changed my life forever. I just want someone to take some action and be responsible about this.

‘’It was important for me to graduate. I was emotional because it was my dream. It wasn’t perfect but I was happy to be there.’’

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